Package or un-package?

The 'In' phrase in the travel industry is 'dynamic packaging'.  This simply refers to the putting together by the client and/or travel agent of the various elements of a holiday (flight,accommodation,car rental,transfers etc) as opposed to the packaging up by a tour operator or holiday company.  It is not a new concept and we have been involved in assisting clients with this for over 25 years, but the advent of the internet and its role in the development of so called 'no-frills' or 'low-cost' airlines, has revolutionised this method of booking travel.

Booking the various elements separately can often prove cheaper than booking a traditional package holiday with an established holiday company....BUT NOT ALWAYS! 

Tour Operators are fighting back, and with competitive long haul charter flights and special scheduled air fares, coupled with contract hotel/apartment/villa rates and greater flexibility than before, it can be better to book a package-especially in high season when you want to be sure your flight seat and hotel bed are not double booked!  But you need to use a reputable company.  We only use companies that are well respected within the industry for their staff knowledge, financial security and competitive pricing -tempting to use the acronym 'KFC', but this could easily be misconstrued!

These companies range from well known brands such as Kuoni & Cox & Kings, to brands well known to the trade such as Travel2 & Gold Medal Travel, to smaller 'boutique' companies such as 'If Only', Wendy Wu and Kirker. 

It takes a good agent to advise whether to book a package or the elements of your holiday separately.  And if  choosing a package, where do you start when selecting a tour operator?  But of course....that's where we come in.....

Please give our staff a call to check current availability and prices for any holiday destinations you may be interested in. Or if you prefer to email some details, we'll be pleased to give you the best email address to get you to the right person for your requirements.  So why not give us a call now? 

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